How to Compare New Custom Home Builders in Perth

Every homebuilder is a little different, we spend a lot of  time with our customers & detail the costs associated with their build upfront. We give a firm price that won’t change unless they want it to.

Tips on How to Compare New Home BuildersHow to Compare New Custom Home Builders Perth

  1. Create a home evaluation checklist to ensure you’ve judged each home on the same criteria.
  2. Be mindful that any free inclusions or incentives are not the deciding factor, as this cost is usually built in to the price of the home.
  3. Check company build times, as these can vary greatly between builders.
  4. Do not be pressured into signing or paying for anything until you are absolutely sure about your decision to commit.
  5. Watch out for PC (prime cost) & PS (provisional sum) contingencies as these have the potential to increase the overall cost significantly. Choose a builder who avoids these.
  6. Ensure the cost of site works and coastal conditions (if applicable) is included in the total build cost.
  7. If using a Building broker, remember nothing is free, their fee usually paid by the builder is included in your construction costs.
  8. Don’t get hung up on cost per sqm. There can be a significant difference between this figure, depending on specification levels. Be sure to consider all the costs associated with how you want your house finished, not just built.

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