How To Choose The Right Block of Land

Choosing the best block of land is a very important decision in the build process.

Buying Land Perth

In conjunction with contracting the best Builder, selecting the right land, will provide the most home value appreciation over time. This makes it crucial that careful consideration is given to make an informed decision. Consider the following to help find your perfect block of land:

Location – Proximity to transport, schools, shops & recreational facilities.  If your chosen block is surrounded by vacant land, check with the local Council or use to find out about future proposed developments in  the area which may affect property values.

Size, Shape & Frontage – This will affect the type of house that can be constructed, consideration should be given to the house style & design prior to block selection to ensure the preferred design can be accommodated.

Sloping Block – This will impact build costs significantly.   Increased costs due to excavation, drainage, retaining  & engineering are usually required.  The home design may need split levels to incorporate the slope.   Access for building can be difficult & result in additional costs for the transport to & handling of materials on site.

Orientation – To maximize the energy efficiency & thermal comfort of a home consideration should be given to the ideal positioning on a block. North facing blocks are generally desirable in Perth due to the influence of the sunshine coming from the north.   The best building options to achieve these requirements on any block are as follows:

South facing  – living areas to the rear.   East or west facing – living areas to the rear, facing onto the north side. North facing – living areas best placed at the front.

Encumbrances – There may be restrictions, which could affect the future use of the land.

Restrictive Covenants: Developers may have requirements relating to the distances the house can be set away from the boundaries (setbacks), restrictions on building heights or the use of certain building materials etc. Prior to purchasing land ensure you are familiar with their ‘Design Guidelines & Covenants’ which will outline everything you need to know.

Easements: Allows an adjoining landowner the right to access & use part of a property owned by someone else.  Easements may allow electricity, gas, water or sewerage to flow or pass through the property.  These will be noted on the land Title & must be disclosed by the seller in the Contract.

Local Councils – In addition to complying with the ‘Residential Design Codes’ individual Councils have their own building design requirements, specific to some sub-divisions which must be met. Ensure to check prior to purchasing land, to be aware, if it falls into one of these special areas.

Services – When buying in an older suburb or a block sub-division, make enquiries with the relevant authorities regarding electricity, gas, water & sewerage etc,  to ensure these services are currently pre-laid to the block.  Should any be unavailable, find out what it would cost to bring them in, as this can prove extremely expensive.  It is also worth checking internet access & mobile coverage.

Bushfire Attack Level Rating (BAL) – Many of Perth’s inner &  coastal suburbs are  Bushfire   Prone Areas.    Guidelines  stipulate  that a property is  Bushfire  Prone if  within  100m of 1 ha or more of bushland,  which affects  land bordering parks & bushland.    This rating can significantly impact on the  construction requirements  & costs.    Check here to see if a  property is within the designated bushfire prone area:

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