Brendan and Jackie are amazing people. They’re also the type of business owners that you’d want to do business with, because they’re hands on, generous and committed to creating and working with their individual clients. Building our 3rd home, we’d been through volume home builders before, and its really a race for them to get you signed and get you through prestart. Theres none of that with Brendan and Jackie, they worked with us for about 6 months before we even signed a formal agreement. Home was built in 11 months, being a custom built 2 storey of 400sqm brick and concrete both top and ground floor its almost unheard of. I watched a house over the road start before ours and the owners still arent in. If you’re looking for a quality builder, who also has a wonderful after care service and exceptional value on products and materials, this is your only choice when building your next home.

Many thanks,

Alistair & Kate