ABCD of Building

ABCD of Building

ABCD of Building

Affordability – Choose land wisely.  Some areas which can have a significant impact your build costs are: Easements, BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) Rating, sloping or irregular shaped block.

Keep the structure as close to a rectangular shape as possible, the more simple the building line, the cheaper the build.

Budget – Make a list of ‘must have’ features.  Reduce the specification in minor bedrooms, bathrooms & less used areas to save the budget for the more important areas. Avoid empty spaces such as extravagant foyers, oversized bedrooms & unnecessary hallways.

Custom Designed – The process with a custom home builder is a personal journey. Many homebuyers incorrectly assume that building a custom home will be more expensive.  A unique home is created with the client to suit the actual block of land, it’s orientation & client individual lifestyle needs.

Details – the deal is in the details! An affordable custom designed home to suit any budget where you are in control from the planning stage right through to build completion. Dealing Builder direct throughout the entire process ensures flexibility & transparency.

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