Comparing New Home Builders in Perth

Comparing New Home Builders in Perth

Builders sweeten new home deals with expensive incentives!

When comparing new home builders in Perth, you may find that some offer incentives to attract home buyers. As with all financial transactions these should be considered with buyer beware in mind. Many generous looking packages, on close inspection may not be so good, sophisticated marketing can make it appear you are getting something for free.

The best incentive is no incentive at all, just a quality cost effective solution for your new home.  Free upgrades usually come with compromise in other areas. Make sure to do your due diligence!

Comparing New Home Builders in Perth

Select Homes are the premier Home Builders in Perth. With more than 30 years experience in the industry our family run Boutique Building Company is committed to a hands-on personalised approach, ensuring homes are built to the highest quality standards.  Individual specifications & Client satisfaction take priority, from design through construction & beyond.

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