New Home Elevation

New Home Elevation

House facades say a lot about a home & set the theme of the house design.

Choose one with great street appeal & to complement the area your house is being built. Most importantly – you should love your facade!

Contemporary – A very modern home style that emphasizes simplicity, clean lines & constantly evolves with the current trends.

Modern – This style tends to focus on straight lines & limited details. Big windows, with the use of glass, steel & concrete. Contemporary & modern homes are quite similar in style.

Traditional – Timeless design & usually features a covered porch, front facing gable with the exterior simple & straightforward.

Hamptons –  Inspired by New York’s famous Hamptons coastline. Classically white, has a nautical theme with elegant roofing, striking weatherboard & plenty of decorative embellishments.

Country style – Typically single storey with a wide frontage & sweeping verandah combined with timeless features of traditional farm house design, most suited to large or rural blocks.

Cottage style – Usually small in both footprint & curbside appearance, this elegant & timeless style is generally asymmetrical in design with a steeply pitched roof.

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