How To Create A Design Brief For Your New Home

Before you sit down with a Builder it’s important to know what you want in your new home. Something very important we’ve learned over many years of designing new homes is ‘what clients need & think they need are not the same thing’.

Before you sit down with a Builder it’s important to know what you want in your new home

Use the following tips to help create a clear brief for your project:

Lifestyle & family needs current

Look closely at how you live

Decide which functions of your lifestyle are currently well catered for & which ones are not

Make a list of the things you both like & don’t like about your current home

Which rooms you prefer to spend time in & those you rarely use


Long term requirements

How long do you intend to live in your new home

Is the family size likely to increase or decrease in the future

To what use will the internal spaces be put in the short term, careful planning will incorporate future changes to suit long term requirements

Will there be any additions to the building in the future which could influence the layout of the garden at the design stage



Assess the character of the neighbourhood – what styles, materials & scales are providing context in your street

Don’t focus too much on aesthetics, think more about quality, comfort & functionality – looks can come later


Budget & Construction

Careful planning will ensure to maximise the available budget

Minimise wasted unusable space

Splurge strategically – if you want to have some really nice components decide where these matter, the remainder of the house can be more modest

Avoid useless complexity, an uncomplicated house shape will keep the budget in check

Consider less expensive construction methods, lightweight homes have huge environmental & energy efficiency benefits


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