Smart Home Builders Perth | How Smart Is Your Home?

Smart Home Builders Perth

How Smart Is Your Home?
Homes are getting Smarter – now is the time to introduce some ‘Smarts’ into your home!

Smart Home Builders Perth

Door Lock
Using wireless technology, a whole new way to open the door. As homes become increasingly more connected, smart keyless locks are allowing easier access with the use of a mobile phone. Remotely allowing access to family and friends offers a much safer alternative to leaving the key under the mat!

Doorbell Camera
Screen visitors at the door, even when no-one is home with a wireless smart doorbell camera, which sends an alert to a phone when activated. Not home when the delivery arrives, no problem make alternative arrangements by communicating with the delivery guy whilst at the door!

Surveillance Cameras
Wireless smart security cameras are easy to set up and can be installed by the homeowner. These are very effective eliminating the need for expensive home security systems. They have the ability to stream video to a phone, tablet or pc and can send notifications if they detect motion or loud noises. Most cameras also provide night vision and automatic motion activated recording.

Thermostat Control
Lower heating and cooling costs whilst making a home more comfortable. Smart programmable thermostats let you set the temperature and have the thermostat change it based on the time of day.
These thermostats learn from your behaviors, allow remote climate control in the home, show energy consumption and can even adjust themselves based on weather conditions such as humidity.

Smart speakers can do a number of things, including answer questions, control smart home devices, set alarms, play music, change the television channel and more. Smart speakers add another dimension to both home entertainment and home control.

Light Bulbs
Smart light bulbs connect wirelessly with phone apps, dim without installing dimmer switches and some can be controlled from anywhere increasing safety and security levels in the home. Most light brands can synchronise all lights together so they can be controlled with one app. The vast array of colours in LED smart bulbs can also be used to achieve creative lighting effects.

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